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Launch of the SA Nuclear Chapter

The SAIEE is hosted the launch of the SA Nuclear Chapter on the occasion of its National Conference at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on the 28 November 2019. t will be a forum for all players in the Nuclear Energy Sector, including France, Economics, Safety, the Environment, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Science, Nuclear training, Research, Technology, basically anything in the ambit of peaceful development around Nuclear.  The launch theme is entitled, “Taking Stock of South Africa’s Experiences in Nuclear Science, Engineering and Technology”. The Vision is  to integrate and develop South Africa’s Nuclear Science, Technology and Engineering Capabilities as Part Contribution to South Africa’s National Development Plan. and the Mission is to promote New Jobs, Sustain Existing Jobs and to contribute to Sustainable and Resilient National Economic Development.

My personal interest is the Research and Training aspect, as a foundation to enabling the most appropriate technologies for wealth generation and development in Africa. It could be for green Electricity, green energy carriers for transport, Water security and also any  appropriate use of the process heat.

Please see more on the SA Nuclear Chapter Launch here, where you will also find links to the actual Event Agenda.

Interesting Papers on Nuclear Energy

These were presented to the 9th CIGRE Southern Africa Regional Conference October 1-4 2019, Misty Hills, Johannesburg.

Small Modular Reactors are particularly interesting in a role to re-power the SA Ageing Coal Fleet, thereby maintaining the communities established there, saving jobs, maximising the regional grid infrastructure, and any other regional infrastructure that can be still exploited. They are also fantastic for Africa in areas where the expected loads and grid development are not suitable for Giga-scale sources. Also, for independent power for mines and municipalities. They make a lot of sense for many applications. Here our favourite option is the HTR, and we will speak more about this in due course.

  1. P Naidoo, SH Connell, D Nicholls, AC Cilliers, Emerging Regulatory Requirements for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in Distributed Electrical Systems
  2. P Naidoo, SH Connell, P Khoza, N. Madushele, D. Nicholls, AC Cilliers, Engineering Small Modular Nuclear Reactors for Micro and Nano Grid Application : The Case Study Based on NASA's 10 kilowatt unit
  3. P Naidoo, SH Connell, D Nicholls, AC Cilliers, Development of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors as Municipal Power Stations
  4. P. Naidoo, AC Cilliers, SH Connell, JC Conradie, MNH Cook, D Nicholls, Neutronics and thermal hydraulics modelling for a single fuel element immersed in a helium thermal fluid for a distributed energy source.


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